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Dear customers, please note that our dinner delivery services, buffets and mini buffets will be taken over by Mei Hao 99 Catering(https://www.meihao99.com.sg/) with effect from 19 June 2020. Thank you.

21 Fabulous Ideas for a 21st Birthday Celebration

Young woman celebrating birthday with her friends at home ideas for a 21st birthday celebration

Birthdays can be as a form of stepping stone in our life. It is yet not anymore grandiose that to celebrate your 21st birthday. It is a big deal when it comes to celebrating your 21st in Singapore.

Racking your brains as to how you can make your 21st birthday celebration as memorable as possible? Fret not! 338 Catering presents to you a list of 21 fabulous ideas for a 21st birthday celebration. Scroll down to find out more.

#1: Laser Tag

laser tag singapore

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Laser tag gives you a fun and engaging experience where you can show off your team building and shooting skills. Guaranteed to provide with boundless fun and excitement, this is a great opportunity for bonding. It definitely beats sitting in front of your computer all day killing opponents with your mouse and keyboard.

GO Team gives you and your guests a wonderful experience with both indoor and outdoor arenas. Prices are ranged between $14 and $40 depending on the packages you choose. They also provide some venues such as OCBC Arena @ Stadium and The Cage @ Kallang. Of course, if you have your own location, they will be able to exercise flexibility.

#2: Paintball

Singapore Paintball

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Similar to the Laser Tag as it requires you to shoot, Paintball assures you and your guests a wonderful experience and makes an excellent bonding activity. With a greater emphasis on protection gears, Paintball gives players an intense experience with its close-quarter combat style.

Red Dynasty Park offers price ranges between $10.90 and $59.90 per pax for both Turf City and Yishun ORTO branches. There is also a special birthday package where you receive goodies such as 2 x 9” Hot Baked Pizza (worth $45.60) and a T-shirt (worth $15).

#3: Skydiving

Skydiving is definitely part of the bucket list for many. There is no better time to tick this off your bucket list than your 21st birthday. You will get to see the world from a whole new perspective with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Unfortunately, Singapore does not have any dedicated drop zone for a skydive. iFly, an indoor skydiving facility, compensate this with its state-of-the-art wind tunnel technology that will give you a real-time skydiving experience. You will be able to get your best bet for prices when you book online 2 days in advance. ($89 for off-peak timings, $119 for normal timings; 2 skydives).

If you prefer a more realistic skydiving experience, you can approach Skydive Singapore, a group of local skydivers consisting of USPA rated coaches, AFF (Accelerated Freefall Course) instructors, tandem instructors, and an examiner. Jumps are conducted within the Southeast Asian region. Its most popular package offered is the AFF Package where you will be given adequate training to prepare you all 9 jumps. So if you are willing to spend more, this will be an ideal and memorable option for you.

#4: Snorkeling

Woman Snorkeling

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If you love the sea creatures and want to get close to them, snorkeling is guaranteed to fulfill your desires. Being one of the many popular beach activities, snorkeling allows you to take a load off your mind and enjoy the calm breeze around you.

If you are on a budget and looking for a location near you, the one place to consider is Pulau Hantu, a small island just 45 minutes away from the mainland. To get to the island, you will have to hail a boat from West Coast Pier at a fee starting from $17. Diving and snorkeling in the area are organized by a marine interest group called The Hantu Bloggers. You can contact them at for more information.

#5: Bowling

Bowling Singapore

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Bowling may bring back memories to some of you as this is a favourite pastime among Secondary School students. You can take this chance to reignite some of those memories with your friends and family by having your 21st birthday party in the bowling alley.

K Bowling Club, located at the heart of Orchard in 313 @ Somerset, is no ordinary bowling alley. It is Singapore’s first cosmic bowling alley filled with vibrant lights and music that will keep you energized. In case you get tired of bowling, you can engage in other activities such as dart machines, karaoke booth, and an arcade. There are also a wide selection of food as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from.

Reservation will be recommended to make in advance to avoid disappointment. You can call them at 67375313 or email them at to make a reservation.

Click here to view the rates.

#6: Picnic

Celebrating your 21st birthday can just be as simple as preparing food like sandwiches, chicken wings and lasagna, finding a wonderful greenery spot and invite some of your close friends to savour this moment with you. Besides, you would not need to spend much.

Looking for a location isn’t a problem here because there are several places in Singapore that are ideal for a picnic gathering such as Botanic Gardens, Marina Barrage, and Bishan Park. The only thing to worry about is the weather ruining your plan. If you are keen to explore, you can consider places such as Yishun Dam and Tuas Lalang Field. Click here to find out more about the unique places ideal for a picnic.

#7: Go on a Road Trip

Singapore is never too small for you to embark on a road trip adventure. Even in a densely urbanized place like Singapore, there is no lack of lush greenery and nature.

Old Upper Thomson Road might be a good start. This was once a circuit of the Singapore Grand Prix back in the 1960s and the road is still very much active today. These race track-like roads let you live your dream as an F1 driver for once. You can take a slow stroll at the old Upper Peirce Reservoir park to enjoy its scenic and tranquil view. At the same time, do take caution that there are monkeys wandering around the area. This is after all partly a forested area.

There are, of course, many places you can visit when taking a road trip. Click here to find out more on what this list offers.

#8: Darts

darts bar

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An ideal choice if you are looking for a chill and laid-back environment to celebrate your birthday.

iDarts is a unique concept bar where you can play and order some drinks at the same time. Such a setting is perfect for a large group. You don’t have to worry about not being skilful enough to score a bullseye. Their friendly staff is always there to help you make your way to the top of the scoreboard. You and your friends are guaranteed a wonderful bonding time. Rates are at just $1 per pax for each game in which each guest is required to purchase a drink.

#9: Karaoke

2 woman singing in a karaoke

This is just the right place for you and your invitees if you want to unleash the inner Jay Chou inside you.

Teo Heng, for example, offers one of the cheapest rates amongst all KTVs in Singapore. Customers are charged based on the size of the rooms, $8 per hour for a 4-pax room, $10 per hour for a 6-pax room and $12 per hour for a 10-pax room. They offer value for money deal in which you can book a 5-hour slot and get an extra hour free. What’s more, there’s free WIFI on the premises and you are also allowed to bring your own food along.

With such attractive rates, you can just sing to your heart’s content and for a moment forget about what’s bothering you.

#10: Ice Skating

The Rink, located at JCube, is Singapore’s first and only Olympic-sized ice skating rink. With such a vast amount of space, you are free to show off your superb skating abilities to your loved ones. Admissions are charged on a per 2-hour session basis at $14 for entry without rental of skate boots and an extra $4 with the rental. There is an extra charge of $3.50 for the subsequent 30 minutes.

If you are in a large group, the party package will be worth your while. You just need 10 friends at the least and you will get to enjoy the awesome package The Rink offers. This will include exclusive use of the party room and a dedicated party host, all customized to your needs. Rates are charged at $35 per pax.

#11: Refine Your Culinary Skills

salad in preparation

Do you aspire to be like Jamie Oliver but feel that you lack what it takes to whip up impressionable dishes? Fret not! There are a number of culinary classes here in Singapore that can bring your cooking abilities to a whole new level.

Hungry Mummies specializes in teaching you how to whip up amazing Asian dishes. They offer a range of hands-on cooking classes within a small group setting. They include teaching you how to whip up simple meals after a long day at work as well as a Singapore Home Cooking classes that will teach you how to cook some of the well-known local dishes such as Sesame Oil Chicken. Small group classes are available at prices ranged between $80 and $150 per pax. If you are willing to pay more, there’s a single private class priced at $250 per pax where you can learn directly from the instructor.

If you have a partner, this is a good chance for you to impress them and perhaps, your future parents-in-law.

#12: Kayaking

Kayaker Hitting the Rapids

If you are adventurous and into water sports, you can satisfy your adrenaline rush by trying out kayaking.

It will be good if you have attained a 1-star and above kayaking certificate. However, you do not necessarily need a certificate to row a kayak. Kayak rentals have open deck kayak that is safe for beginners if you are one.

Water Sports Centre at Singapore Sports Hub is one of the common places to kayak. Prices are at a non-peak rate of $12 per pax and at a peak hour rate at $14 per pax for local residents (Singapore Citizens and permanent residents).

You can try out the pedal boat as well if you want to try something unconventional on the water. They are available for rental for an hour or 2-hour duration during peak or non-peak hours, starting from $10.80 per pax and $12 per pax respectively for local residents.

#13: Doing an Escape Room

Escape Room

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Escape rooms give you a chance to show off your detective instincts and problem-solving ability to help you break out from them. With enough wits, this could very well be your first ‘achievement’ whilst turning into a new age.

You will be able to easily find escape rooms all over Singapore. Trapped SG is a great place for team bonding and its insane level of difficulty makes this so. It is also one of the safest escape room in Asia so the very young ones and elderlies among your midst can participate.

Rates are at $18.90 per pax for students aged 21 or below and $28.90 per pax for standard rates. In addition, there is also a special promotion for Safra, Hometeam, Popular, and Nebo cardholders. Click here for more details.

#14: Board Games Party

board game in play

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For individuals who want to test their intellectual abilities and strategic thinking, board games are the right fit for you.

The Mind Cafe gives you an innovative experience to play with an impressive collection of board games with your loved ones. It also serves a wider range of food and beverages to keep your stomach filled while you are playing. You can enjoy all these at a rate of just $5 per pax.

There are various promotions that the cafe offers such as the student gaming package where students can enjoy unlimited gaming hours with free flow of drinks and snacks from Monday to Thursday, at a rate of $10.80 per pax.

#15: Horse-Riding

Horse-riding is becoming more affordable and accessible these days. With such luxury closer to your reach, you can get an up-close and personal with a horse without the need to worry about pricey membership fees.

Gallop Stable offers such opportunities. The trail ride gives experienced and non-experienced riders alike a memorable experience riding through Bukit Timah’s lush greenery. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see some wildlife along the way. You are also given the option for a customized trail package for your birthday. Rates are at $112.35 per pax for an hour ride.

#16: Sleepover

Happy female friends

If you are not comfortable being in the limelight among less familiar people, you can organize something as casual as a sleepover in the comfort of your home. Invite some of your closest friends. Netflix and chill. Share your deepest fears and secrets with each other. The rest is just self-explanatory.

#17: Art Jamming


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Show off your artistic skills in a cozy and relaxed environment like The Noteway Art Studio. You can paint a T-shirt, tote bag or canvas with your friends and loved ones at a rate of $19.90 per pax with 6 people or more.

The art studio also offers special birthday packages if you intend to celebrate your birthday there. For instance, the Silver Party Package is offered at a rate of $595 with a maximum pax of 35. This package includes a 3.5 hours venue booking, a complimentary Art Jamming Session on 1 T-shirt or 1 Tote Bag and a catering option with extra charges.

#18: Rock Climbing

people rock climbing

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Finding a way to get fit or to overcome your fear of heights? Rock climbing gives you a thrilling answer to your question.

Kinetics Climbing is one of the many rock climbing gyms in Singapore. Rock climbing here requires no certification so anyone can climb. The rock wall is also generally children-friendly where a child above the age of 4 can attempt.

Admission rates are at an adult fee of $17 per pax and at a student (Below the age of 26, with a student pass) fee of $12 per pax. Essential equipment such as the harness and climbing shoes are available for rental at a price no more than $5.

#19: Go-Kart

karting in singapore

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You do not necessarily need a driver’s license to experience the thrill of driving. Experience non-stop adrenaline rush and excitement with Go-Kart racing.

KF1 Karting has modern facilities with its track built for race requirements and always operationally ready for a race day event. One can easily tell that the Go-Kart looks like a real-life F1 track.

Rates are varied on their type of karts. For Fun Kart, rates are charged based on the following, for 10 mins per session, and varies on locations:

1) KF1 Arena

Novice (30km/h) Advanced (50km/h, Driver’s License is required)
$15 (Under 21) $18 (U21)
$22 $28
$28 $35

2) KF1 Kranji

Novice (30km/h) Advanced (50km/h, Driver’s License is required)
$18 (Under 21) $22 (Under 21)
$28 (Off-Peak) $35 (Off-Peak)
$38 (Peak) $45 (Peak)


For Race Kart, rates are charged based on the following:

1) KF1 Arena (Fees charged for 3 hrs per session)

Public Members
$60 (Off-Peak) $30 (Off-Peak)
$100 (Peak) $60 (Peak)


2) KF1 Kranji (Fees charged for 4 hrs per session)

Public Members
$60 (Off-Peak) $30 (Off-Peak)
$100 (Peak) $60 (Peak)

#20: Try Out the 21 Selfie Challenge

Portrait woman taking self portrait through cell phone against London Eye at London; England; UK

Work your creative juice by trying out a 21 selfie challenge. Get your friends to write to you a list of 21 interesting selfie ideas that you will have to complete within the day. You can take a selfie while trying out things like dancing on a table or wearing a stranger’s shirt. Make this challenge as fun and memorable as possible so that you can look back at these photos later in life and laugh at the silly little things you have done. This will perhaps be one of the most interesting ideas for a 21st birthday celebration that you have ever thought of.

#21: A Housewarming Party

young people eat pizza and selfie happily with party

Perhaps celebrating your 21st birthday can be as simple as organizing a housewarming party in. Invite your friends and relatives over. After all, there is no place sweeter than home right? All you need to do on your part if you haven’t is to do some spring cleaning in your house and make it presentable for your visitors.

Here’s a video to help you out with your spring cleaning tasks:


Food is essential for any gathering. While celebrating this special occasion, do remember to keep notice of your growling stomachs. 338 Catering is dedicated to making birthday celebrations a memorable and successful one. We are flexible in meeting your every need and providing affordable buffet options for you. Do feel free to contact us for any enquiries.