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Dear customers, please note that our dinner delivery services, buffets and mini buffets will be taken over by Mei Hao 99 Catering(https://www.meihao99.com.sg/) with effect from 19 June 2020. Thank you.

7 Exciting Ways to Make Your CNY Reunion Dinner Enjoyable

family at Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner table

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner, also known as nian yefan (年夜饭) is a great time to come together as a family to catch up on the happenings during the past year and enjoy a piping hot meal at the same time.

Apart from enjoying good food with an even better company, why not spice up your cny reunion dinner gathering with activities to make your time as a family a lot more engaging? Read on as 338 Catering shares with you some exciting family bonding activities that are sure to keep boredom at bay.

Card Games

family playing card games during cny reunion dinner

Card games like taiti and ban luck are commonly played amongst families during the Lunar New Year. These games require some form of strategy and of course, plenty of luck to win. Otherwise, you’ll be sucked dry of your angpao money.

There are always other interesting card games you can play as a group activity to brighten up the celebratory mood, rather than the usual poker cards.

The Singapore Dream is a homegrown card game that you can play in a social gathering. Suitable for 3-9 players of all ages, you get to take various cheeky and locally inspired personalities such as NSF, Aunty, Hawker, and Insurance Agent. Be the first to collect as many dream cards as possible to win this game. To find out more, click on this link.

Limpeh Says, the localised version of the popular card game Cards Against Humanity, can be played amongst 2 or more players above the age of 18.

At the start of each round, each player draws 10 cards consisting of different words or phrases. A player assumes the role of “Limpeh” and draws out a red card, consisting of either a question or a fill-in-the-blank statement. The rest of the player then answers with one or more white cards. The player with the funniest combination wins the round and gets to keep the red card.

This goes on until a player collects 10 red cards and thus, winning the game.

Here’s a video demonstration of how the game is played:

Console Games

Young Chinese friends playing video games at home during cny reunion dinner

Video games such as the ones on Playstation and Xbox consoles are often stereotyped as anti-social. However, games are meant to be a form of social activity. There are actually many multiplayer-based video console games that you can play with your loved ones.

Show off your dance talents with Dance Central and Just Dance, released on various video game consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch, in particular, offers various fun multiplayer games that you play together with your loved ones. These include Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Karaoke After CNY Reunion Dinner

Asian family singing karaoke during cny reunion dinner

Karaoke is one of the top favourites among gatherings that guarantees a delightful time with your loved ones. What better way to sing to your heart’s content than a hearty karaoke session.

Popsical guarantees to make Karaoke a convenient affair with its portable device. It is amazingly lightweight and comes with a pair of microphones. Just make sure to have a sound system or a speaker that is equipped with an AUX connection.

Song lists are constantly updated so you and your loved ones can sing the latest songs that are off the shelf. There is also a mobile app that can be downloaded via the iPhone App Store and Android Play Store.

The app allows you to perform various functions such as setting the volume; navigating the TV device to search for songs or adding songs to the current play queue; playing/pausing a song; switching between tracks.

“Pass the Mandarin Oranges Around”

Asian chinese girl holding tangerine orange

Remember Musical Chairs where you have to walk around the chairs when the music plays and snatch for seats when it’s off? This game called “Pass the Mandarin Oranges Around” works the same as musical chairs, just with a Chinese New Year twist.

When the music goes, participants pass around the oranges. When the music stops, people holding on to the oranges can start to peel them, with the challenge of having the longest orange peel kept intact. When the music plays again, players with the oranges can decide whether to keep the portion they have peeled before passing them on. The winner is determined by the one who has the longest orange peel.

The game master gets to decide how many oranges to be used in the game and how long the music is to be stopped while a player is peeling the oranges.

The loser of the game is the one who has the peeled oranges on their hand. The game master can get a blindfolded person to draw on the loser’s face using a lipstick. Of course, the game master or even the rest of the participants have the free rein to decide the appropriate forfeits to liven up the atmosphere.

Drinking Games

pouring beer into a glass

Having a couple of drinking games would no doubt make your gathering an exciting one.

Titanic, a popular Korean drinking game, is an interesting example. Whether or not you can win this game depends on how lucky you are or how much risk you are willing to take.

To play this exciting game, all you need is a beer glass, a shot glass, and a bottle of beer (it’s up to you to decide which drink to use).

Place the shot glass into the filled beer glass. Each player has to pour at least a drop of beer into the shot glass. You are free to pour as much or as little amount of beer as possible. Whoever causes the shot glass to sink will have to drink the entire glass.

Here’s a short demonstration of how ‘Titanic’ is played:

The popular finger-guessing game, Five Ten is a simple game to catch. The more players join in, the more fun it gets.

Players are divided into 2 teams. For every round, each player can show zero (hands clenched), five, or ten fingers. The guesser will then have to shout out his/her guess for the number of fingers shown. If guesser makes a correct guess, the opposing team drinks.

You may watch this video to have a better understanding of how this game is played:

River Hongbao 2020

river hongbao 2020

Source: Website

If you and your loved ones prefer to go out and enjoy the Chinese New Year atmosphere, there are plenty of places here in Singapore to go to such as River Hongbao 2020.

River Hongbao 2020, located in The Float @ Marina Bay, features special choreographed fireworks, interactive exhibits and intricate handmade lanterns that will light up the festive atmosphere. Exciting fringe activities, games, and performances are sure to keep you entertained throughout the night.


We hope that this awesome list will make your CNY reunion dinner with your family an enjoyable one.

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