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Dear customers, please note that our dinner delivery services, buffets and mini buffets will be taken over by Mei Hao 99 Catering(https://www.meihao99.com.sg/) with effect from 19 June 2020. Thank you.

7 fun activities you can do during Christmas parties

friends celebrating Christmas

Christmas is around the corner! What’s better than gathering all your close friends and family for a wonderful Christmas party. After all, isn’t Christmas a time of thanksgiving and getting together? Christmas parties, in our opinion, would be complete without a couple of fun-filled activities.

Hence, 338 Catering would like to present to you a list of 7 fun activities you can do during Christmas parties to liven up the atmosphere. Do feel free to read on to find out more.

#1: Christmas Caroling

Music notes with Christmas carol and Christmas ornaments

What’s Christmas without a soothing Christmas Carol. You and your guest can form into groups, going on a Christmas Caroling trip around the neighbourhood. Time can also be set aside at your party to sing some popular Christmas songs.

If you are going around houses within the neighbourhood, you and your guests can prepare a small goody bag for each house that is covered. If it’s a Christmas Carol session taking place within the comfort of your party, you can turn song selection into a lottery by creating cards with the song titles.

#2: Gift Exchange

Exchanging Christmas presents

Christmas is a season of giving and what a better way to express this by having a gift exchange. There are, of course, no restrictions on how you can do this.

Secret Santa is a great way for a gift exchange of fun. Have your guests each bring a gift to the party. Mark each gift with a number and pass your guests each a random number. During the gift exchange, guests will receive a gift in accordance with the number given to them earlier. You can get your guests to guess who the gift is from and the giver to explain why they bought that particular gift. If you’re a party-goer stressing over what gift to get for your Santee, you can view this page for a list of 50 unique Secret Santa gifts below S$25 and essential for everyday usage.

Heads or Tails Gift Exchange game is another way. You have the option to decide to either use real or white elephant gifts. As the name suggests, your guests do not just pick any gift from the pile. They will have to flip a coin to decide on an action. If the coin lands on a head, they pick a gift from the pile to unwrap. If it’s a tail, they must steal a gift from someone even if they don’t really want any of the other gifts. For instructions on how this game, click here.

#3: Mad Libs

Mad Libs is basically a phrasal template word game where a player prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a short story before reading it aloud.

The list of words can be anything that comes to your mind. Beneath each blank, you can specify a category. This could be a noun, verb, exclamation or a food item.

You can work your creativity by creating your own short story. Otherwise, you can always use Mad Libs printable templates that are readily available online. Since it’s Christmas, you can use the Christmas version of Mad Libs. Do feel free to check out this link for a list of Christmas Mad Libs Printables.

#4: Christmas Karaoke

Asian woman singer in santa claus hat with a microphone singing

If your dream is to be a singer, here’s a short opportunity to live your dream. This does not need to be a competition between the best singers. There are a couple of ways to make Christmas Karaoke more lively and engaging.

Click here to find out more about how this can be done. Feel free to customize these Karaoke games to fit the Christmas spirit.

#5: Santa’s Cup

a hand holding a large beer cup

Santa’s Cup is played similar to the King’s Cup. All you need is a large cup, a deck of cards and your choice of beverage. The choice of beverage doesn’t necessarily need to be an alcoholic drink, especially when you have players below the age of 18. You can substitute them with soft drinks or even make use of condiments to make an interesting Santa’s Cup.

Santa's Cup

Source: Website

Here is an example of how Santa’s Cup can be played. You can customize the gameplay to your liking. For example, you can change the 4 rules from ‘ladies must drink’ to drawing Santa Claus on the face of another player when a player draws a 4.

#6: Trivia Game

Community Play Day - Game of Kahoot

Source: Website

Test your guest’s intellect by trying out a series of trivia quizzes. Of course, this is all about having fun and not about who is better than the other.

Kahoot! is a trivia application that turns any social gathering into a live game show. There are millions of existing games from several topics such as naming the capital cities in the world or pop culture. You are able to create and edit your own quiz with several images from Kahoot’s premium image library that you can choose from. All you will need is a large screen, a laptop computer and your mobile device with an internet connection. If you are organizing a large group gathering, there are premium packages that cater to your needs.

#7: Theme Night

murder party

Source: Website

Bring your party to a whole new level by having a theme night for your party. To fit the celebratory season, you can, for instance, create a party theme based on holiday movies such as The Polar Express and Nightmare Before Christmas. You can decorate your house according to those themes and have your guests dress up as any of the characters from the selected movie.

Alternately, you can make your party more thrilling with a Christmas Murder Mystery party. Begin the party by giving each of your guests a character that will last throughout the party. In a pure cliche fashion, a guest at your party has been ‘murdered’ and the murderer is amongst your guests. Your guests will have to figure out the murderer is and the murderer will have to evade suspicion as best as possible. You will most definitely need to choose a murderer and a victim and inform them before the party.

Click here for some examples of scenarios you can use for your Murder Mystery Party.


If you are afraid of your guests being unresponsive throughout your night, it’s good to have some icebreaker activities at the back of your head. Here are 3 icebreaker activities that we think can help to lighten up the party atmosphere.

Icebreaker 1: Charades

A good activity to keep your guests’ brain juice flowing. You won’t have to waste your money on getting paper cards or racking your brain too hard on the words to guess.

Charades apps are easily available on your mobile’s app store whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user. Since we are on Christmas mood, there is also a charades app specific to this.

Icebreaker 2: Get to know you Bingo

This is a common icebreaker activity in a gathering full of strangers. This activity works well even in a gathering where you already know everyone. You can prepare ‘get to know you’ bingo cards full of interesting facts such as has fainted in public and has cut their own hair.

You are free to customize this activity to fit the entire setting. For example, you can create a ‘family reunion’ version of the Bingo.

Family Reunion Bingo

Source: Website

Icebreaker 3: Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is also another fun activity you can do during a gathering. The rules of this activity are pretty straightforward and can be played in any setting. Each guest gets a turn. When this happens, the guest will have to tell the other guests three things about themselves. The other guests will then have to identify the truths and the lie.

Two truths and a lie

Source: Website

Here are some good examples of two truths and a lie statements. The trick here is not to make obvious statements that your guests can easily differentiate between truth and lie.


We hope that all these suggested activities will help to make Christmas parties lively and engaging. A wonderful Christmas party will go best with delicious food. When it comes to delicious food, you can be sure that we will not disappoint you. We offer a wide selection of Christmas buffet catering that will meet your party’s needs. Do feel free to contact us for more enquiries or to inform us of your catering needs.