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Dear customers, please note that our dinner delivery services, buffets and mini buffets will be taken over by Mei Hao 99 Catering(https://www.meihao99.com.sg/) with effect from 19 June 2020. Thank you.

7 Tips for memorable Buffet and Mini-Buffet for unforgettable Parties

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So, you are going to throw a mini get-together on Christmas Eve.

Regardless what the occasion is, or how big is the party, you need to have a delicious buffet at any cost. Buffet – the word that impresses the easy-to-serve dining facility for the guests and the hard rock genre in a musical.

Great parties take a ton to organise. Detailed planning and smart budgeting are important criteria for preparing a great party. Besides those, as Singaporeans, we know that food plays an important role too! Instead of just a ‘good buffet’, the selection of buffet menus become crucial as that decision accentuates the whole theme and party vibes.
For a memorable buffet in an unforgettable party, here are seven easy-to-accomplish pointers that you may find helpful!

    1. Choose the menu according to the timing of the event

      The hero of any buffet and party is the menu.
      People will prefer heavy meals during lunch time and something light for dinner. The time of the event is very important for any host with a good menu choice. And the buffet will be unforgettable if the menu has planned out well.

      Similarly, you need to consider the food preference of your guest in mid as well. If the lunch is tofu salad, your guests are likely to be hungry by the time the party ends. On the other hand, you have vegetarian guests, separating the food items of clashing natures and placing on different tables will be wiser.

      Naturally the guests have different tastes and food preferences, as well as the time of the day. It is almost impossible to meet everyone’s eating habit. You can easily sort it out up to a great extent by asking sending the menu details with the invitation.
      Seek out their suggestion over the food selection and manage the changes before the actual party. Doing so will help you to eliminate and avoid any wastage from the buffet that the guests may not like at all.

    2. The position of the table is what it counts.

      Whenever we talk about the buffet, we know that there are going around from tray-to-tray and all. If you are throwing out a huge party then the buffet table may have to be some meters long as well. In this case, it is very important to pay attention towards the position of the table.

      The guests will be walking around in the same space, make sure that the tables are well-aligned and carefully planned. Consider also the walking space between the dishes and mingling.

      Spread the dishes out and distribute them on the tables according to their categories. For instance, a wise move will be to keep all the sweet dishes, drink, and beverages at some distance from the savoury courses. Collectively the crowd can spread out and lesser bottlenecks at slower sections, which facilitates smoother traffic and control.

    3. Start with the plates and end with the cutlery

      Once the tables are properly aligned and positioned, it’s time to dish out the delicacies and place the cutlery.

      If the cutlery is placed with the plates at the start of the queue, the cutlery will be collected by the guests and land in their plates for the convenience of taking food. And they occupy space. The half-occupied plates often leave little space for the glorious food.

      This applies for napkins too. If napkins are placed next to the plates, they are most likely be soaked by the food (or sweaty palms) before the guests get to wipe with them. It is also a handful to hold them in hands down the foodie path.

      The best way to place the plates and cutlery over the buffet table is to keep the plates at the front, and, the cutlery and napkins at the end.

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  1. Position the dishes wisely

    There are some exquisite dishes that almost every host wants in the menu. However, the high demands (and cost sometimes) makes it hard to provide in larger portions. For example, you have this cheesy Lasagne in the party’s buffet. And it is so good that it may not be enough for everyone. That situation is common in every mini buffet party.

    If you happen to be in one such situation, the best thing is to place such items at the very end of the buffet table. By then, most of the guests have their plates almost full of the dishes, they will take little of the last one.

  2. Don’t overdo anything

    The most common issue with any buffet in party is that the hosts end up having so many leftover from the dishes.

    However, it is not the right plan to take in when you are planning for a mini buffet. Buffet caterers charge as per serving/dish that is served. If you are looking out for a budget mini buffet menu, stick with 5-8 food items in total. This way, the chances of food wastage are very bleak.

  3. Serve like a pro

    The secret of a successful buffet lies in the way you serve the food to your guests. When a delicacy is professionally served, a simple buffet could gratify the guests more than anything.

    The best way to do is to hire a professional buffet catering service that takes care of everything. Starting from the table arrangement to the placement of the dishes, they can handle them professionally. Not to forget, their mannerism with which they will greet your guests.

  4. Give it a personal touch

    From the decoration to the cutlery, you can embrace some creativity like injecting a theme into the event where the food and the rest complement.

    A little bit of customization is also helpful – personalised disposable cups and napkins are usually available at party shops and SKPs at an affordable price. For instance, it is a birthday party, and the guests had their names on the cups. The guests can reuse the cups and it reduces the wastage while avoiding confusion (especially for the saliva-conscious).

    On the same note, you can also customize one special dish based on the theme/occasion of the buffet party. This way you can give a personal touch to the party and make it an unforgettable experience.

We hope the seven tips above are helpful for your memorable buffet with a bang in any parties. Contact us if you have enquiry about our buffet and mini buffet menu selections in 338 Catering!

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