Dear customers, please note that our dinner delivery services, buffets and mini buffets will be taken over by Mei Hao 99 Catering( https://www.meihao99.com.sg/ ) with effect from 19 June 2020. Thank you.
Dear customers, please note that our dinner delivery services, buffets and mini buffets will be taken over by Mei Hao 99 Catering(https://www.meihao99.com.sg/) with effect from 19 June 2020. Thank you.

Tingkat: the Healthier Alternative to GrabFood and Deliveroo

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When it comes to your health, you can’t mess around. That’s why you need to choose the right food delivery services and companies to fill your daily needs and your health. If you’re deciding between tingkat dinner, Grabfood and Deliveroo, we have the answer for you. We know the importance of choosing a food service that will do you justice – keep reading below!

Meal Delivery Services

UberEats was once popular in Singapore. But it had exited the local food scene other delivery options are taking over. While Grabfood, Deliveroo and tingkat delivery had established suitable services for the local context, the transition of UberEat into GrabFood forces these services to step up their game.

Many food services still provide you with a large variety of food – many in the wide variety has many unhealthy choices. In comparison, Tingkat has a wider range of delicious options that are healthier. You don’t need to sacrifice your health for food. A well-thought and prepared food service bringing full meals to your door is what Tingkat is.

This is especially helpful when the selection available are generally fried. For example, GrabFood delivers McDonald. Fried food can be dense with calories which may be excessive for the body. If you’re going for a healthy lifestyle, you’ll want to have a meal delivery service that supports you with the right choices like tingkat dinner. Moreover, it is much easier to moderate your diet with more choices of healthy food.

Nothing is worse than flipping through a menu and realizing the same dishes as always. Or thinking what you should have today. Food delivery services, like Deliveroo, only provide options from a variety of restaurants.

What’s more on the downside is that your choice could easily sway by the temptation of unhealthy food. It happens to the best of us: you start browsing through food delivery services because you’re hungry and the next thing you know, you’re buying $30 worth of food that is probably snack to you.

Having Tingkat dinner is like rewarding yourself with various sumptuous treats that lined up at home after work. This provides you with the best and the most interesting dishes possible. And healthy too.

Dinner delivery with lesser Salt and Oil

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If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s vital to have choices with healthy food as well. The decision between the aforementioned food services is simple. The meals are usually packed with nutrients and taste tailored to suit to most people – like Soup with Sliced Fish and Vegetable, Chicken cooked in fermented red rice wine, steamed eggs with minced chicken – sounds really good for sumptuous dinner at home.

Above all, 338 catering’s chefs cook your food with less salt and oil. Excessive salt and oil are usually associated with hypertension and obesity. In a long run, the healthy choice of daily meals saves you from many health problems. While food delivery service doesn’t care much about the quality of the food that are being delivered, the healthy tingkat is prepared by a group of people who care about you and your food. That’s why you’ll want to choose this food preparation service above local delivery services.

Tingkat dinner matters to 338 catering

If you’re working on a healthier lifestyle, the best way is to choose a food service that provides you with healthy alternatives. Our tingkat meal has carefully prepared with lesser salt and oil, and pack them with taste and nutrients, delivers to you at your doorstep.

Since 338 Catering begins the operations, the team has placed more priority on the clients and customers. If you’ve read all of this and you want to know more about what 338 Catering has in tingkat meal delivery to offer you, drop us an enquiry today! We’ll do our best to assist you and your inquiries.